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When A Camera Phone Turns Into An Ideally Disguised Device

Think about strolling to your automobile late at night. You recognize quite too late that you are on your own and vulnerable. You will be less worried if you have something that can stop an opponent to give you time to get away.

Owning disguised stun guns gives both defense and also the capability to carry them without getting noticed. Stun guns can be found in numerous styles like a lipstick pen or camera cell phone.

A phone camera stun gun is not difficult to bring and doesnt attract unwanted attention. It also doesnt tell the enemy that youre holding something you can defend yourself with since it is common for folks to be carrying their cell phones.

When picking a cell phone stun gun buy one that could double as a flashlight. There are models that have a 12-LED light that will come in really handy in identifying would-be attackers.

A camera stun gun which has a bright LED light may also be utilized as a flashlight in case there are things you must find like the automobile key you dropped because of fright.

One of the makers of high voltage camera phone stun guns is Pretender from where I purchased my very own unit. Mine emits 4.5 million volts of power although its safety features mean that I can be careful regarding accidental discharge which might hurt myself or others close to me. Furthermore stun guns dont cause any long lasting damage.

With a cell camera stun gun available you could immobilize enemies with electric shock. Ensure that the weapon comes in immediate contact with the body to be able to deliver the immobilizing blow.

Considering that a camera stun gun is non-lethal the attacker is going to be disabled briefly at most for only a few moments. Utilize this opportunity to ask for help. Do not think that the individual lying prone on the floor will continue to be like that until the police arrive. Dont forget the assailants face and leave the venue immediately.

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