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Ways To Hide Your Things From Robbers

Soon after several robbery occurrences in the apartments of our neighbors my hubby and I came to the conclusion that we were living in a building that got the worst security. For concern that we would be targeted next we had to think of something fast.

Carrying out a search on the internet brought us to diversion safes. We came across hollow book safes which are simply real books with a hollow center making them excellent spots to hold valuable items. These actually are clever inventions that are great solutions for us.

In essence these kinds of covert safes are hiding safes that are produced in such a way that they appear to be true items or items seen around a house.

We like to read and have books all around the apartment. So when we discovered a book diversion safe we thought that it would be the perfect disguise to put amongst all our trinkets at home. The interesting thing about it is that it is a genuine book with a secret place inside enough to keep our funds or jewelry.

I liked the idea of using a true book with a hiding spot in the middle to hold our personal belongings. A robber would not think to look through our books especially since this book safe would naturally blend into our home.

We never knew that such safes existed that would allow us to hide our belongings without thieves ever guessing where they are kept. Considering that they would not have an idea that one book is an actual safe I believe it to be much more effective than traditional safes.

The empty area in between the book is adequate for hiding stuff such as cash jewelry and even a watch. With the disguise of this safe as a book the empty center is truly a good area to keep our things hidden.

Hollow book safes are ideal for keeping burglars away from your important items. My husband and I now feel a lot more secure by concealing our valuable items at the center of these books.

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