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Using An Effective Self-Defense Tool To Be Able To Defend Yourself After Dark

Working as a club DJ functions as a creative outlet in my situation a business economics student. It is also helping put me through school being that I currently get paid handsomely every Friday as well as Saturday nights immediately after several years of playing the commonly sleepy weeknights.

No doubt I expose myself to criminals each time I step out of my usual hole in the wall during the early hours. So after finding out about stun gun effectiveness in self-defense from one of the bouncers I made a decision to go get myself one.

A stun gun as my workmate described causes a sudden emission of electrical energy into the body with which it is in contact. Because of this the people receiving electrical shock stands to lose his bearings as well as his ability for movement albeit momentarily.

The result is non-lethal and wont end in permanent damage. It fades away after 20 to 50 minutes that generates a window of opportunity for the near-victim to flee danger and go get assistance.

My bouncer coworker prompted me to inquire into high voltage stun guns that release volts in the millions. Common sense dictates that a more powerful electrical charge will provide greater incapacitation and likely during a faster time too. I am all for that and thus I followed.

I rather thought that powerful stun guns would look big as well as burly however was immediately proven incorrect. I found numerous small stun guns having high voltage and disguised stun guns posing as friendly-looking items. Either sort would catch an attacker by surprise.

At a mere length of 3 inches the Hot Shot stun gun that I went for could send out 975000 volts in order to knock the enemy down. Similar to a Blackberry-style handheld gizmo it stays on my person constantly via a stainless steel belt clip which came with my acquisition.

Though I was sold on stun gun effectiveness in personal defense in the beginning it was right after I had instance to make use of mine which I started to go around suggesting these kinds of devices to other individuals. What I aim to tell is definitely simple: it works.

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