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Usage Of Tools Which Help Significantly In Crime Scene Investigations

Today the increasing level of unemployment as a result of the present financial crisis has also heightened the occurrence of crime.

Because of that security needs to be taken to a higher level. This doesnt necessarily entail abandoning presently effective security procedures such as motion detectors as well as surveillance cameras. What it needs is support from a lot more vigilant security means. A metal detector pinpointer is one solid example.

Most people encounter handheld metal detectors in building entrance doors usually at shopping malls. These types of gadgets help in the discovery of possible undetectable weapons and such.

But contrary to what we have gotten used to metal detectors arent restricted for use in such cases. I personally know of one merchandise in the line of Garrett security metal detectors that actually aids in the investigation of a crime scene.

Portable metal detectors hasten searching for evidence. Weapons shell casings projectiles as well as other metallic evidence become less difficult to find with the help of these pinpointing devices.

I have really observed one in action. A robbery-shooting incident took place in one of the units of the building I worked at. I saw the investigators combing through the scene with their CSI Pro-Pointer units and retrieving a number of useful evidence.

I yielded to my curiosity and looked into these types of gadgets on the web. I found out that they have a microprocessor that ensures maximum level of sensitivity with no needed adjusting. In addition several come with a pinpointing tip as well as a 360-degree side scanning functionality allowing one to scan an area with the side and then utilize the tip to pinpoint the target exactly.

Who would have suspected that not all metal detector pinpointer products are alike. I am assuming that no run-of-the-mill personnel like me would know about all the security equipment readily available and all their particular functions. I am simply glad that the police are putting them to great use.

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