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Tips On How To Transform A Taser Into A Perfect Self-Defense Weapon

An Air Taser stun gun can thwart an opponent within a long distance which gives you ample time to get away to a safe distance and ask for assistance. Tasers can also be used as contact stun guns for surprise attackers who spring up just a few feet away from you.

Taser stun guns are non-lethal weapons that will not bring about an assailant permanent damage just like conventional stun guns. This can be fired on virtually any target body area. Its unlike other self-defense weapons that could only stop assailants whenever utilized on a specific body part.

An air Taser stun gun uses electro-muscular disruption technology that is not similar to what regular stun guns make use of. Rather Tasers utilize a more potent electro-shock technology and are much more effective as compared to stun guns particularly in cases where an opponent has a greater pain threshold.

The X26c Citizen TaserĀ® specifically is capable of firing a pair of darts that are linked to 15-foot wires. Once the darts are shot 50000 volts will travel along the wires and will take over the attackers nervous system inducing short term incapacitation.

Furthermore each and every air Taser stun gun possesses an Anti-Felon Identification system and also a one-of-a-kind serial number. The identification system functions by discharging 20 to 30 sequential paper tags that can then be gathered by the cops for owner identification.

Taser technology has been tested to push back even attackers under the influence of alcohol or drugs. As self-defense weapons Tasers also have a great effectiveness rating near to 100% and are utilized in numerous nations by several thousands of law enforcement organizations.

Typically law-abiding citizens more than 18 years old may buy Taser stun guns. This is of course so long as they do so for self-defense reasons.

However an air Taser stun gun such as the Taser C2 will work only as soon as the maker has accomplished a criminal history check on the owner. This is a part of the companies attempt to uphold responsible ownership.

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