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Tips On How To Keep Yourself Secure In Campus

One evening following a college party I found that some man was following me on my way back to the dormitory. I quickly started to think of ways to get to safer grounds. Fortunately I bumped into a college campus patroller whose presence frightened the possible enemy away.

Even though nothing happened the incident made me realize that I required protection. I checked online for something which would be well suited for me to carry around on campus. When I came across a pepper spray baton I knew that it was just what I needed.

Pepper spray brings about an excruciating burning discomfort in the face of the receiver. This particular discomfort is going to immobilize the attacker for a brief moment offering you a chance to run away and also ask for help.

I discovered that pepper batons are actually kubotans with pepper spray within. Kubotans are effective self-defense tools which can be used towards bony areas soft tissues and also nerve points. These work effectively since they bring about short-term paralysis and pain to the target.

I made a decision to go with a Pepper Mace Baton which had the look of any ordinary key chain. I loved that it was very discreet so it would be easy for me to bring around school. In spite of its subtle looks I understood that it would keep me protected.

A baton pepper spray is basically a 2-in-1 weapon. You have the option to defend yourself with the pepper spray or make use of the kubotan to either strike the attacker on bony parts of the body or poke him on the soft areas.

I was relieved the moment I found out that defense sprays are non-lethal weapons. This means that the effects are temporary and do not bring about long term harm. Furthermore kubotans are legal as well as completely unregulated.

Having a pepper spray baton in my possession at all times makes me feel more confident whenever I am walking around campus. Now if anybody attempts to follow me once again I am aware just what to do this time around.

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