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Tips For Less Dangerous Late-Night Train Trips

As a female that has to take daily late-night trips on the F train to be able to get home to Brooklyn I consider the recent string of subway attacks of very significant concern. Late at night the trains are almost empty and the police are scarce.

It is the key reason why that I take the concern of personal security into my own hands every single day by simply arming myself with a police pepper spray.

Precisely what have I is a Mace triple action pepper spray with tear gas and UV dye. I really feel safe with it simply because I am sure that pepper spray can disable any enemy briefly for a few minutes providing me enough time to escape and call for assistance.

Why am I so sure? Compared to regular pepper spray that contains only OC pepper triple action defense sprays have OC pepper plus CN tear gas. These work together to be able to inflict an unpleasant burning experience without causing any permanent damage.

OC pepper causes the eyes to slam shut and its recipient to break into uncontrollable coughing fits and it induces choking. CN tear gas is responsible for excessive tearing a severe burning sensation to the face and also confusion. Another element of triple action pepper spray is UV dye which marks the attacker making identification much easier upon his capture.

When I was looking for a reliable law enforcement pepper spray I also came across 11-gram 60-gram and 120-gram units. I picked the 17-gram canister which is able to spray from 8 to 12 feet.

At a pretty reasonable price my acquisition was comprised of 10 one-second bursts. It offered a safety flip-top cap and a belt clip providing easy access whenever.

The train ride home has never been my most loved part of the day. But thanks to my police pepper spray I really feel that I could get back home safely every day. Its police-grade performance is sufficient to ease my biggest concerns.

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