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The Way To Successfully Trick A Dorm Thief

When I used to stay in a dorm while attending college there were a lot of theft incidences on our floor. The information about money going missing spread quite quick since we all knew one another. Some suspected their roommates while some believed that it may be the maintenance workers.

I heard that a few dormers had cash safes however came back to their dorms and found those empty. Because of this I needed to find our how to make a diversion safe part of my personal security.

I learned about diversion safes from the internet. These are safes that seem to be like regular household things such as jars and soda cans. Looking around I saw that each covert safe would not look out of place.

I quickly ordered some on the web. As a test run I stored a few bills inside and left my disguised safe outside our dorm room. I made certain that it was not on a day that trash was collected. When I returned from class I was happy to find that my A&W Rootbeer can safe was still there.

There also was a book safe which I obtained for myself which I planned to test out. I left several bills again and left the book out in the open. As I suspected it was still there as soon as I checked.

After that I would store whatever loose money I had on me in both diversion safes. I divided up my money in case one became stolen or broken into.

From that point until I left the dorm to search for other housing options Im pleased to mention that I hadnt turn into a victim of theft whatsoever. Later on I revealed my experience with my sibling who was going to start going to college in a year.

I purchased her a hair brush hidden safe that she can use as soon as she started school. She need not worry about how to make a diversion safe protected mainly because its disguise wouldnt encourage any person to look there for money.

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