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The Best Way To Defend Yourself Against Danger Whenever Moving Out Of State

Dads got a great job offer and we may need to move out of state before the year ends. He doesnt exactly inform us where as they stated it is still not definite. He teaches martial arts.

My older sister and I like pepper sprays. So even though Im not yet legally of age to lug one I did a brief search on pepper spray laws by state simply so I could convey the information to her.

Generally its lawful to own one inside all 50 states as long as you havent committed a felony and you are of legal age. But it does have tougher restrictions on a few locations.

For example you must have a firearms license within Massachusetts. You also have to purchase it from a licensed firearms seller just like in New York. However in New York you cant have this delivered. You should go to the shop personally and purchase it.

Within some states you will find packaging restrictions like within Wisconsin. Defense spray should not be disguised as another thing such as lipsticks or pens and it ought to include a safety feature to prevent accidental discharge. The manufacturers name and number also need to be printed on the label.

Those are somewhat related to the laws within Washington DC however the spray cans have to be printed with an expiration date and clear instructions for using the product.

Other states possess restrictions on sizes and concentrations. Michigan for instance just allowed its people to keep 10% of the active ingredient in 2010. Prior to that they were simply permitted to bring a 2% concentration. In South Carolina you are not allowed to keep more than 50cc of a defense spray.

Mom said they would tell us once they were really certain but I heard my parents joke about looking good for the camera thus I am hedging it is either California or New York or Michigan. Either way it is great to be aware of the pepper spray laws by state. I am going to acquire one on my 18th birthday.

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