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The Best Way To Continue To Keep Thieves Out From Houses Of Elderly Individuals

Blinking red and blue lights out of my window woke me from sleep. It was 2 a.m. I peeked out the window and spotted a patrol car and all the lights were open across the street. Was that Mrs. Meyer speaking to the police?

Mrs. Meyer is a 75-year-old widow and a sweet lady. She lives on her own however everyone really likes her and looks after her. Was she in trouble? Did somebody break into her home? I wish she had followed Mr. Evans suggestion and bought herself a door brace as a security measure.

Other neighbors had gathered worried about Mrs. Meyer. I overheard that someone did try to get into her residence but he stopped as soon as he sensed the authorities driving up. Everybodys beloved grandma must be ready for the thief.

Just like the other neighbors Mr. Evan was concerned about Mrs. Meyer thus he prodded her to safeguard her property especially from trespassers who might realize she was old and living on her own. A door security bar was his recommendation.

It works for both hinged and also sliding doors and is constructed from 20-gauge metal which is adjustable and simple to set up underneath doorknobs. It is a first line of defense in case you do not wish to spend on pricey and also complicated security equipment.

The trespasser attempted to pick the lock in the front door. The moment the door still didnt open and he had spent a few minutes at it he decided to kick it in. Mrs. Meyer sleeps light and was already alerted when she heard the doorknob being turned.

She prayed the protective brace would hold just like Mr. Evan mentioned it would and then contacted the police. The patrol vehicle came a few minutes later just as the trespasser attempted to run away from the scene. He was eventually caught.

Mrs. Meyer is pleased with the dual function door brace not just because it saved her but also because its padded foot offered a sure grip on the floor and protected it from damaging the door finish.

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