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  • Successfully Tricking Robbers And Even Your Own Family Members

    Nobody teaches us how to hide valuables inside our home. The education which we obtain regarding this matter typically comes from films where jewelry and cash are hidden in large costly safes.

    If you ask me one example to follow is that of a person that died lately. As his children were emptying his residence after his death they were stunned to discover over 2 million dollars hidden in the oddest but blatantly seen places!

    This guy spent many years concealing his savings within containers where nobody would ever imagine precious possessions to be stored in. He collected money for many years inside cookie tins as well as toolboxes never to be noticed by neighbors robbers and also his children.

    How did that much cash stay safe in a house that welcomed numerous family members and visitors throughout the years? The answer lies in choosing the right hiding place.

    Normal objects seen in plain sight would never be looked at as hiding places for anything valuable. Diversion safes operate with the exact same concept as they are safes camouflaged as regular items.

    From cans of Del Monte fruit cocktail to containers of old-fashioned peanut butter and cans of Scotch Guard the mentioned things look precisely like the consumable products obtained in stores. The only difference is that they are really covert safes and therefore offer more security for your valuable things.

    The benefit of utilizing a diversion safe is that you will be fooling thieves who only seek out the large expensive safes made of titanium alloy. It is uncommon that a robber would raid your cupboards fridge medicine cabinet and mudroom so that your belongings will stay unnoticed.

    We can learn an excellent lesson on how to hide valuables from the elderly guy who hid 2 million dollars successfully under his familys noses. Being wary of banks he must have known that the greatest place to keep his money is nearby and in places no one would ever suspect.

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