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  • Utilization Of Simple Things To Safeguard Yourself From Threat

    Defending your life is not something which you can place a schedule on. You have to be prepared to do it continuously. In those occasions when it is awkward to bring a bag and your own cell phone and keys are the only items that you can bring you will need to use either of those things for self-defense if necessary.

    Or that is exactly what my very own self-defense trainer tells me. I surely wouldnt want to strike my own enemy using my android phone but a set of keys is a different matter simply because that is a lot cheaper.

    Being a librarian I often keep late hours and every other Friday I go out for a few drinks together with my pals. On those days I just bring my wallet phone and house keys with me because I do not expect to drive home.

    The concept of using keys for self-defense is not new however the trick is in figuring out the proper way to hold them. I was thinking that the most secure way with the head of the key flush in between my own fingers was fine but it turned out to be the weakest grip.

    In training we were trained to hold a key with the head flat on the mounds of the palm at the base of the fingers or to hold it as if youre turning a vehicle key. Seemingly that was much more stable.

    Soon after that session along with my coach I purchased this Heart Attack keychain which Im able to grip perfectly. It is black and shaped a lot more like the spade on a deck of cards. The Heart Attack is similar to though much better than keys.

    One time we almost got into a fight outside the bar but after seeing that we got something sharp coming out of our knuckles the other guys decided to just walk away.

    You cant be very picky about the tools you use for defending your life. You need to be flexible enough to get by with whatever is handy. In my case I made certain I have exactly that.

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