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  • Boosting Self Confidence To Be Able To Drive Away Bullies

    I was bullied at school and having a lean frame wasnt a major help. A bunch of students would typically wait for me outside the campus to be able to make fun of embarrass or harass me.

    I got a close buddy who was a previous target of bullying. He told me about the Rapid Assault Tactics DVD by Paul Vunak. The moment he began practicing the moves he stated that he became more confident and standing up to the bullies became a lot easier.

    He urged that instructional fighting videos would enable me learn personal protection fast. These could give cost-effective training since I can train the moves in the house schedule the sessions depending on my very own time and study the techniques with my little brother.

    I wasnt taught to fight nor did I have a strong heavy frame similar to the bullies I dealt with. But when my pal introduced self-defense videos I realized that fighting back did not actually require any kind of special skills.

    The street-fighting DVD included a much more interactive approach that made learning personal defense simpler. It focused on moves which made use of lesser defensive techniques. What I simply needed were three simple tools to turn into an effective fighter. No more no less.

    I definitely required something that would not just teach me the fundamentals but likewise make me gain essential skills in a lesser time frame. And the Vunak video got me to learn that putting up a fight wasnt entirely based on being powerful or quick.

    My problem with bullies was a constant concern and I didnt have the money to study karate via a pricey session which was meant to be done several times weekly. Neither did I have the luxury of time as I was also a student who was working part-time within our modest family business.

    By learning rapid assault tactics I discovered that fending off bullies was possible as was gaining much needed confidence.

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