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  • Advantages Of Having A Multipurpose Self-Defense Weapon

    Whenever things are frantic where you work and you normally finish up late you most likely always need to retrieve your automobile in a dark parking zone. Furthermore you might have to do your errands late at night.

    In case you fear for your safety possessing a stun flashlight will ease your nerves a great deal. This stun gun works out simply like any conventional stun gun however with the added feature of a light.

    Why depend on an average flashlight to light your way if you possibly could use a flashlight stun gun? Not only will it offer you illumination but also secure you against hazard. If there is no need yet to electrically shock another person the blinding light coming from the stun flashlight could be your first line of defense.

    One of the most useful features of a stun flashlight is its capability to radiate a bright light that should be powerful enough to momentarily blind an attacker. If that isnt enough to discourage an assault you can always make use of the stun guns powerful voltage to impede an assailant. A flashlight stun gun can be a low voltage or high voltage stun gun.

    Flashlight stun guns are available at 8 inches to 16.5 inches long. Several are made of fiberglass-reinforced plastic to make them light in weight and handy. The size could be an edge because you can distance yourself from an enemy but still make an accurate shot.

    A stun flashlight is a non-lethal gun. It isnt intended to bring permanent injury to an opponent. When touched by one anyone may experience a short-term mental and physical imbalance. He will be unable to move for 15 to 45 minutes that is sufficient period for you to run away danger.

    A few flashlight stun guns are also equipped with an alarm. Whenever you are placed in a damaging situation you can initialize the alarm to alert the people nearby. In the process you might also be able to scare the aggressor off.

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