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  • Ideas Of Hiding Areas For Your Valued Stuff

    As newlyweds years back my hubby and I suffered being robbed within our house. They took a laptop computer and also $5000 cash that we thought was concealed very well inside a desk drawer. We learned our lesson and today keep our emergency funds within an inconspicuous water bottle diversion safe.

    Banking institutions are the safest places to hold cash. Occasionally though its so simple to use that money when youve got a debit card and little impulse control in the shopping mall. That is our challenge which is the key reason why we store cash in the home.

    As renters we did not wish to put in a wall safe as well as searched for some other alternatives. We thought about a house safe that could be concealed inside our closet however we realized that is where burglars would look next after a desk drawer.

    We purchased numerous diversion safes immediately after the break-in. These are safes that are made to appear to be ordinary objects with the aim of fooling criminals into thinking that there is nothing valuable inside.

    We moved from that first house a year later just to be robbed once again in our second house! However on this occasion our valuables were secure. Besides the safe posing as a water bottle we had items concealed all around the house.

    A safe which seems like a can of Maxwell House Coffee sitting in my kitchen held my moms jewelry. A couple of racks beneath that sat a fruit cocktail can safe that stored about $8000 in cash money we were keeping for a vacation to Europe.

    It was devastating to have our home violated once again yet luckily we did not lose much. Our hidden safes kept our most precious things intact.

    We have relocated for the third time this time outside the city and obtained a Doberman. To date weve not had any burglaries happen. However even though they did I am certain that my water bottle diversion safe as well as its coffee can and fruit cocktail brethren would hide our most precious things successfully.

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