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  • Being Aware Of How And When To Utilize Self-Defense

    I was mugged one night. Family and friends wanted me to begin using self defense spray but I thought that I should study more about it initially.

    I already knew that pepper spray offers an opponent a burning pain within his eyes and on the skin that leaves him temporarily disabled. His victim avoids needing to fight back which is quite risky and has enough time to go away and also find assistance. Defense spray is non-lethal and leaves absolutely no long term harm.

    A policeman friend validated what I was thinking. Although self defense spray is generally simple to use it is very important to know how to utilize it in different conditions.

    He showed me a defense spray instructional manual called The Facts About Defense Sprays And How To Use Them To Bring Criminals To Their Knees. It is by Doug Lamb a nationally known self-defense specialist.

    This pepper spray manual trained me in how to choose a defense spray as well as how to carry and make use of it. It shows about how to make use of defense sprays towards firearms knives and also numerous assailants and also towards intruders within your home. It even teaches ladies about date rape protection. There is a lot more things in the book that makes it really helpful to people like me.

    My cop pal said that another thing I should find out before I ran out and purchased defense spray was the regulation on its use in different states. I learned that self defense spray is authorized in my state which is great since I do not desire to wind up disobeying the law when I was just protecting myself.

    Sometime after I was walking back home coming from work the moment I saw a mugging. I ran up to the mugger and blasted him with my self-defense spray. He hit the ground and I helped the mugging victim contact the cops.

    I was pleased that I was now able to help someone else when I could not even help myself previously against an assailant. If I hadnt learned more about using defense spray this would not have been possible.

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