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  • Ideas On How To Offer Protection To Yourself While In Dimly Lit Places

    My work as a personal trainer means that I need to go back home after dark. As a safety precaution I typically avoid dark alleys and the like. But my parking space is found a little way off the gym. To go to it I have to walk one ill-lit block.

    That was never my most loved part of the day. As such I made a decision to search for a solution to the issue. That was how I discovered a self defense flashlight which looked like the answer I was seeking.

    A flashlight stun gun is a popular option when it comes to self-defense devices. It provides the standard functions of a usual stun gun by offering an incapacitating shot of electrical energy. It gives off a non-lethal dosage and it causes no permanent injury.

    But the power is strong enough to topple the target down briefly and also give enough time for the would-be victim to leave and ask for aid. Aside from these kinds of standard functions it has a built-in flashlight that fits my intended purpose wonderfully. Add to that a more accurate aiming.

    Stun alarms perked up my interest simply because I was also seeking something that would warn other individuals of my condition in case of a threat. Such tools sound off an alarm whenever triggered not only to call attention to the user but also to discourage criminals.

    I am planning to purchase a stun alarm flashlight which brings together the advantages of these two distinct things into one compact gadget. It is actually a heavy-duty flashlight that incorporates a 200000-volt stun gun and also a 130 dB alarm.

    This stun gun alarm flashlight has a durable fiberglass-reinforced plastic body. It was also designed with an attachable red cone to be used for signaling or warning of danger.

    I plan to get my hands on this self-defense flashlight as soon as possible. It will not only illuminate my way to the parking area its built-in stun gun and alarm is going to surely add more layers to my personal protection.

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