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  • Suggestions Regarding How To Safeguard Your Business From Thieves And Vandals

    I operate a small cafe in the central business area of Seattle. Regretfully business has been a lot less than great these previous months. To make things a whole lot worse the coffee shop suffered a significant loss because of a break-in that happened a week ago. It took place after closing time. Thankfully I had cleared out the cash register for the week.

    But losses because of the damage on store property during the breach really hurt our business. I knew that I needed to do something immediately. I needed to take steps to be able to avoid this type of assault from happening again. This led me to look into security systems and burglar alarms.

    Online I learned about auto dialers. An auto dialer together with safety alarm uses a passive infrared system that could detect movement within an area of interest.

    When activity is discovered a safety alarm is triggered and pre-programmed phone numbers get dialed one after another. This phone call is going to announce a prerecorded message to inform the receiver that activity has been discovered thus implying a break-in into the protected spot.

    I was quite taken with the basic yet effective security offered by such an alarming device. Because of this I acquired an auto dialer with security alarm from an online shop which I frequent.

    Whenever it is armed the motion sensors of my wall-mounted intruder alarm start straight into action. Once activity is found a 105-decibel alarm blares out. That is definitely as loud as a pneumatic drill and definitely more than enough to frighten the wits out of vandals as well as thieves.

    If that doesnt discourage them then the dialing gadget is going to have to get the job done. The moment the alarm gets triggered my mobile phone receives a notice notifying me of the breach. My automatic dialer can be programmed with as much as five phone numbers and I have set the next one to call up the police for faster response.

    I certainly hope that the cafe never gets another visit from such hooligans. However in case it does I totally trust that effective burglar alarms can put them in their place.

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