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  • Utilizing Budget Friendly Security Devices To Assure My Safety At Home

    Given the growing crime rate hereabouts in New Mexico many homeowners, myself included, have wound up fortifying our houses using home security devices. We hope that by doing so, it adds at least another layer of protection for our homes.

    Aside from placing spotlights and also security cameras strategically throughout the house. I also bought a wireless home security motion sensor. I set this up on the wall facing the main entrance to the house.

    In fact after I obtained my very first HomeSafe wireless home security motion sensor and checked it up close I bought another 2 units.

    These went to the backdoor and also second-story corridor. The moment any of them detects activity it activates an alarm which I trust would rouse me from sleep.

    This particular security sensor can detect motion up to 8 meters away. Plus it can survey a pretty wide area thanks to its angle for motion detection of 110 degrees.

    Even as I made the purchase I felt confident at the start that I would not get to hear my home safety alarm. Unfortunately that wasn't the case.

    Several months into my installing the units small-time burglars tried to break into my house. I was fortunate that they were arrested instantly.

    Based on the sworn statements of the burglars they had heard a loud alarm before reaching the front door. Apart from that a spotlight in the porch lit up which was their signal to abort their plan and run back in the direction of a getaway van.

    On my end the moment I heard the alarming sound I immediately got up and ran outdoors. I was able to catch a glimpse of the van and also a part of its license plate.

    Some twenty minutes after I reported the incident to the police they called back to notify me that they had captured the burglars not far from the neighborhood.

    My wireless home security motion sensor truly proved its worth back then. Having now saw that it was a great investment I bought a dozen more for the door and windows with no hesitation or regret.

    Note: "We often receive letters from people whom have purchased and use our products, I am very greatful when we are permitted to place them online for all to benefit from.."  Trent 'Kuma' Warner (TKW)

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