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  • Positive Aspects Of Utilizing Telescopic Stun Batons

    When you do not have time to master the art of self-defense a stun weapon just like the tactical stun baton might be just the item for you. For one thing you do not require a black belt in kung fu to learn this weapons features.

    Learning martial arts even though helpful can take time. But before you can even understand the basic principles chances are you may already find yourself confronted by a lawless element. Moreover close combat means you can be injured in the process.

    Equip yourself with an extendable stun baton. Using this stun weapon you can shock your attacker at a safe range. When your enemy tries to get it the weapon will deliver volts of electricity to his/her body without compromising your very own safety.

    Though non fatal retractable stun batons have the edge of halting your assailant in his tracks before you can be injured. This is all you need to be able to escape the scene and stay away of just about any physical struggle.

    Plenty of stun weapon designs and also technology can be purchased in the market. These have individual positive aspects that owners can certainly make use of. But long-range types such as telescopic stun batons eliminate the need to be physically near your enemy when the occasion arises.

    The Stun Master telescopic stun baton for example lets you deliver 2.5 million volts of electricity onto your assailants body while standing several feet away. Also just one push action can lengthen the self-defense unit and make you a force to be reckoned with. One more push and it retracts back. This puts it apart from standard stun guns that are useful only when in close proximity to another body.

    Collapsible stun batons can be securely covered within bags or underneath jackets when not in use. This stun weapon could make criminals move according to wrong assumptions and offer you the advantage.

    Some kinds also offer features like LED lights and a micro alarm system. But dont forget to try to find one that can stun your attackers to immobility.

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