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  • How You Can Secure Your Business From Internal Theft

    Being a small business proprietor I have employed people with all sorts of character. Even though I screen prospective staff there are instances when even a background check cant guarantee the trustworthiness of somebody.

    I went hunting for portable safes right after I encountered several theft occurrences that turned out to have all been perpetrated by someone in my staff. He appeared to have a sixth sense when it came to guessing where I placed my cash since he always discovered where I stored them.

    I opted for diversion safes which can be relocated around because I wanted to outsmart the stealer. These kinds of safety tools are meant to appear like ordinary objects to provide effective disguises. I can put in them my cash and jewelry without making them look like obvious hiding places.

    So I acquired a brush free toilet bowl cleaner safe to store my extra money. It went right along with the other things in the stores utility cabinet. Even if I forgot to put it back in the cabinet everyone simply ignored it thinking it was an ordinary cleaning item.

    I have also obtained a beer can safe to hide my keys. One of those keys unlocked the cash register so I wanted to make certain that it was in a safe spot and also prevent it from getting misplaced.

    Furthermore I have put a flowerpot safe in one corners of the store. The money which I could no more deposit for the day was securely stored inside it.

    The great thing about these secret hiding safes is that they could be transported from one place to another to make them blend perfectly with their surroundings. They could be positioned where a cleaning item or a soda can is meant to end up.

    By using portable safes I am able to save my possessions from the prying hands of a dishonest staff. Any two-faced individual that I might hire unfortunately in the future will not have such a grand time looking for pillage.

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