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  • Tips Concerning How To Continue To Keep The Bad Guys Away

    Being the silent type inside the family I constantly keep things to myself however I am really great at listening. So the moment the news declared that every young woman should ideally possess a personal security alarm I made a decision to go out and acquire one.

    In case you own personal alarms then you know that they do fend off assailants. The shrill sound that they produce will call undivided focus on you. It is going to scare the crook off and you get to call for help. These are considered non-lethal weapons for personal protection.

    I checked out one personal alarm with flashlight online. It comes with an activation pin which is linked to its wrist strap. When you remove the pin the alarm produces an ear-piercing sound of 130 decibels. This kind of personal safety alarm also has a flashlight to help you at nighttime so I reckon that this is a great weapon for youngsters night shifters as well as estate agents.

    Once I needed to visit the public library for some hardcore research for my paper. I left at around seven in the evening and decided to walk home.

    I got a vehicle which my daddy bought for me. However I didnt bring it since I did not wish to fight for parking area near the entrance.

    As soon as I walked out of the library I saw that two guys began pursuing me. I started walking somewhat quicker and turned at my street. They still seemed to follow me.

    When I was about to reach a dimly lit alley I heard their steps getting nearer. I brought out my flashlight alarm right away and removed the pin.

    The loud sound made everybody look in my way. This sounded just when one of the guys had nabbed my arm. A police officer noticed that and started going after the two. Right then I knew that I would always be protected with my personal security alarm on hand.

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