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  • Ideas On How To Offer Protection To Your Teenager Daughter

    My daughter is turning 16 years old this month and my wife and I agreed that she ought to be taught how to commute home. I know that commuting is risky particularly for young ladies just like her however I likewise know she is old and smart enough to stay away from threat.

    We reside in San Francisco and I discovered recently that the state of California considered pepper spray legal for civilian use.

    I am deliberating on whether or not to get my daughter pepper spray the moment shes of legal age. It is a non deadly weapon for personal defense and I appreciate that those under 18 are not allowed to bring one.

    I have discovered that pepper spray is legal within all 50 states. Sure enough these can be sold only to older people over 18 years of age excluding felons. Further laws over the usage of pepper sprays are currently in place in several cities and also states.

    One vendor noted that the government of Michigan has legalized the utilization of defense spray since December 2010. Their government has stricter laws over usage. In reality the percentage of active OC formulation should not be more than 10 %. The amount of defense spray that can be sold within one container needs to be restricted to 1.2 ounces only. Similar regulations apply within Wisconsin with the exception that the amount of self defense spray allowable for use is 2 ounces.

    It appears pepper sprays cant be ordered on the internet from New York. Here accredited firearms retailers as well as registered pharmacists alone sell them. So you cant acquire them in any kind of sporting goods shop not like inside California.

    The same applies to the people of Massachusetts. They cant acquire pepper sprays on the web. Instead they need to purchase from accredited firearms dealers based locally.

    I feel extremely fortunate that our own state of residence deems pepper spray legal for use as well as possession. I dont have to worry about buying one. I just have to worry about how to train my daughter to use one before she gets to carry a self defense spray.

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