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  • A Convenient And Also Helpful Self-Defense Unit For Girls On The Go

    I just moved to a brand new job which required me to travel often. Being a single lady I did not have any kind of problems with that seeing as I did not have a family to take care at the moment. I was dedicated to my career and trying to become successful.

    The one thing I didnt like was feeling unsafe throughout my business travels. On the last one a guy grabbed my handbag from me while I was going back to the hotel. I told my manager regarding this and she suggested that I obtain a panic alarm for my protection.

    Personal security alarms are useful for grabbing the attention of bystanders in times of danger. With the loud sound emitted your attacker will be discouraged from pursuing any further.

    I looked on the web for choices and came across a Mace Screecher personal alarm. It emits an ear-piercing blast which is really recognizable as an emergency sound in order to call for help. The high-pitched shriek that it produces could be heard from a quarter of a mile away.

    This personal safety alarm is in a convenient size that fits into any bag or pocket which makes it great to bring anywhere. It is available in a 10-gram can with a push-top activator and around 30 short blasts.

    Most aerosol alarms like it utilize compressed air to be able to generate a really loud-sounding alarm. By doing this you are sure to catch the attention of men and women near you and scare off your attacker. Doing so will offer you a chance to proceed to safer grounds.

    On my following trip for work I felt much safer with my portable alarm around. At any time I feel that Im in peril I can quickly sound the alarm and escape from peril.

    Having a panic alarm beside me enables me to fend off anyone that poses as a risk to my safety. I feel confident that the deafening sound it discharges will keep me protected from anyone that attempts to do harm or perhaps steal from me once again.

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