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  • Tips On Keeping A Possible Threat From Getting Hostile

    While I really love my work being a psychiatric nurse theres danger to my safety. A patient who must have depended on me the most showed up at my apartment on one occasion during the wee hours to state she really badly needed a thing with which to calm her nerves.

    The thing was I lived on my own. The other thing was a number of professional throwing stars happened to be strewn on the coffee table at that time. I thanked God I got personal defense at my immediate reach which was undetectable enough to not pressure this woman.

    Between work and that I play serious Frisbee ninja stars are among the strategies I exercise my throwing arm. Ive got the concept that these as well as darts teach me throwing moves I will not learn from disks necessarily.

    In that morning I remove quickly the six-point stars as well as chess pieces on the table while wishing my unannounced visitor hadnt discovered them nor that I had pocketed a few of the stars. Excuse the clutter I stated.

    Tegan looked out of it. The moment I sat away which I did in order to prepare for throwing she said absolutely nothing. All she appeared to want were tranquilizers. I offered her a cup of water and OTC medicines for anxiety relief which were risk-free enough.

    My metal stars assisted me keep it together. I purchase these in sets of sixes. Each point is two inches long as well as constructed with professional-edge steel. These are not poison-laced stars used in ninjutsu but they are sharp as well as can easily hurt nonetheless.

    When Tegan stood up to walk towards my direction me I feared I would have to aim a little throwing star at her. Rather she asked for ´┐Ża sandwich? Yes she was starving and kindly make a turkey sandwich because she stayed away from red meat.

    Stunned to no end I sent the girl off along with a pouch of cookies and returned to my own room leaving a whole case of ninja throwing stars beneath the bed. Boy did those stars help me pull through the strangest night ever.

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