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  • The Best Way To Hide Your Precious Items Inside Your Home In An Inexpensive Way

    I inherited a house from my father that was pretty much old. There were several upgrades made over the years and you can find wall safes in some rooms. While these were useful before they can now be detected easily.

    One the wall portraits were absolute giveaways. Two burglars do not need to exert very much hard work to figure out where these kinds of safes are. While I did not have them taken away I went for money safes for home use that were smaller and much more covert.

    I hide our family heirlooms inside a book safe that I have put between the Bible and the Koran. No one will ever believe that among those books on the shelf is a diversion safe. It easily fits its environment and does not draw in attention.

    Burglars will commit less than 10 minutes if searching through their target place and will go towards the first things that seem priceless. They can also determine easily exactly where the loot is situated particularly in an old house just like ours.

    I am not one to give them the satisfaction of getting hold of my valuable items in so short a time. If they think they must do what they have to do then I will make certain that things are going to be a lot less easy for them.

    Even when I display my flowerpot safe with all my jewelry within it in the living room I am most certain that burglars will never even give that flowerpot a thought.

    My Maxwell House Coffee safe and Coffee Mate Creamer safe are carefully positioned inside the kitchen pantry. They are even displayed in plain sight. Given that I am the only coffee drinker in the family no person bothers to open these disguised hiding places.

    I use money safes for home placement simply because they not only provide me security but also have aesthetic value. Furthermore I get peace of mind for a portion of the cost of traditional safes that are not easy to maintain and prone to burglary.

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