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  • Learning Self-Defense Steps For Your Own Safety

    I have never been linked to a physical fight. It is not that I am chicken or anything at all. Its much more of an adherence to being able to fix fights without the need for resorting to any kind of physical violence. But as soon as I was mugged and held up not too long ago I discovered that I did require some type of self-defense.

    At once I asked several fitness centers in the neighborhood if they offered martial arts street fight classes. Afterward I began attending self-defense courses in one facility thrice a week right after work hours.

    In order to be able to offer protection to myself I soon learned that I needed to train a lot more. To accomplish this I decided to buy a street-fighting DVD that I could watch within the convenience of my very own home.

    That epiphany made me search online for instructional fighting videos. Since I am not into violence you might have guessed that I am also against the use of guns. Therefore I wanted a street fight video which could teach me hand-to-hand combat.

    I came upon Unarmed Combat Course: Hand to Hand by Frank Cucci. The name alone suit my preference of self-defense technique. This kind of instructional fighting DVD assured to instill in me a mix of fighting moves which were renowned inside their respective nations.

    Moreover even when you are not in good physical shape you can still make use of the fighting styles being shared within this self-defense DVD as there is not much athletic ability needed to execute a move properly. The steps are so simple and direct. That is you will not be getting ninja-like moves as seen in movies. Rather you will be learning practical steps which will certainly help you.

    Unsurprisingly I bought the street-fighting video. Today I continue with my formal self-defense training while teaching myself a few other amazing moves at home.

    By learning self-defense tactics to help me through any martial arts street fight I began becoming a lot more confident about myself. I am also becoming much more in tune with my sixth sense whenever I am out in public.

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