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  • How To Keep Everybody Secure When Strangers Enter Your Home

    Even with tightened level of security robbers still find a way to break into our neighborhoods homes without getting noticed. It seems that their main targets are those residences the homeowners of which have gone away for the weekend.

    For that reason I bought a home defense weapon for our own defense. I looked through pepper sprays and bought pepper gel since it appeared right to our situation.

    Defense spray leaves behind a burning sensation in the area which it touches such as the eyes or even the skin. It makes the assailant momentarily incapacitated enabling the prey to look for assistance. It is a non-lethal weapon and only intends to give time for the target to ask for assistance.

    Unlike regular pepper sprays the pepper concentration in pepper gel is suspended in gel instead of liquid. It makes it a lot more efficient for long-distance aiming. It is less contaminating in a gel solution because it sticks just like glue to the target part.

    I purchased the Mace pepper gel Night Defender that has a built-in bright LED light that is really handy at night and within dark places. When you lift up the cap the light automatically switches on. This assists in lighting the area where you are intending to utilize the gel pepper spray.

    The moment thieves got to our house one night and were able to enter I quickly got hold of our own gel pepper spray. It was past midnight then and all the lights were out. I raised the cap to illuminate my target area.

    I shot the thieves with pepper gel while my little girl called 911. After a few minutes the cops came and took the criminals to jail. We were very relieved that nobody got hurt.

    In instances like this one thing you can do would be to stay safe by having a home defense weapon ready. You can never be sure where and when such incidents happen. So it is far better take precautions.

  • Use Of Self-Defense Tools Of Individual Taking Part On A Neighborhood Evening Patrol

    After the latest sequence of break-ins within our community all of us neighbors pulled together and made a decision to take turns doing night watch. Even though we understood that we could encounter danger by doing this we felt that it was ultimately for our benefit.

    Being the head of the family I volunteered for our household. But just before it became my turn to stand guard I would like to be ready. I was deciding to purchase some other pepper spray vs Mace for my own protection.

    A pepper spray is a handy self-defense device which will give an excruciating burning discomfort within the face. This will immobilize the recipient for a few minutes allowing me to get in touch with the other folks on the neighborhood patrol.

    While surfing around on the web I discovered a Mace pepper gel Night Defender and took interest. It was equipped with a vivid LED light that would be helpful for my evening patrol. It came in a 45-gram can and had a spray distance of approximately 18 feet allowing me to protect myself from a safe position.

    Pepper gel is a brand new formulation of pepper spray that is made up of suspended gel rather than a liquid stream form. These types of gels consist of stronger pepper as well as give greater range for protection. They are also much less contaminating and also non combustible.

    Its simple to find out how gel pepper spray that adheres just like glue will cause much more pain to an attacker. The sticky gel is surely a lot more challenging to remove compared to its liquid form.

    My spouse was concerned at first about me carrying around a personal defense product. But I just reassured her that there was no problem with doing this since all pepper sprays are non-lethal weapons and wouldnt induce irreversible injury to anyone. Plus having one available was for my very own safety.

    When I debated about buying a different pepper spray vs Mace for my defense I was able to look at the various options available. With my tool I am more than ready to stand as night watch.

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