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Tag Archives: Mace Bear Repellent Spray

  • Effective Strategy Of Defense From Bears

    As a troop manager for the local group of scouts in Alaska for many years I have looked into lowering the likelihood of bear attacks on the scouts. I recommended that they incorporate bear repellent pepper spray inside their list of items to carry during a camping excursion.

    While bear spray is not intended for use on human beings this is great at lowering the incidence of irreversible injury as well as fatality of both the bears as well as people. It is a non deadly weapon so it is appropriate to the scouts.

    Bear defense spray is going to fend off the animal rather than letting this take part in an assault. No harm is performed on the bear as it could soon recover from the effects of the spray and then this can return into the wild once again.

    I suggested to the camping committee that Mace bear repellent spray be a product to endorse in the camping list. I have tried out other pepper sprays for bears available on the market and I find that this one is quite satisfactory for use outdoors.

    The magnum fogger allows the bear repellent to be launched as a cloud of spray rather than a steady stream. The spot this covers will then become larger thus making this more effective in fending off bears.

    The camping committee conducted a test run of the bear spray over a weekend camping trip that included a visit in the local bear sanctuary. There was not a bear assault during the time but one of the scouts was extremely anxious about the bears around him that he sprayed the bear repellent accidentally on a large grizzly bear that was standing 15 feet away!

    It was obviously an accident and we were guaranteed that the bear was unharmed and being conditioned to steer clear of people at a sizeable range.

    Bear repellent pepper spray has been a vital tool in the campers list and we are delighted that the scouts are safe whenever enjoying the outdoors.

  • Recommendations On How To Ensure Safety Whenever Camping Outdoors In The Forests

    My groom-to-be is an outdoor type of person. Whenever possible or at the very least once per month he schedules a hiking adventure together with his buddies or his colleagues.

    Worried for his safety from wild animal assaults while camping I purchased him a Bear Mace which I stumbled on while shopping on the web. I have read all about bear sprays from online ads and exactly how theyve saved the lives of many campers.

    Hikers that go into national forests that are usually the natural habitat of bears are urged to take bear pepper spray along with them. Having one of those handy whenever camping or hiking can lower the number of deaths caused by bear assaults. Similarly the amount of bears slain as an act of self-defense is also reduced.

    Bear repellents whenever sprayed on a bear make it go away rather than inciting it to strike as a type of defense versus the individual.

    As self-defense weapons bear sprays produce momentary incapacitating effects only hence no environmental law is being disobeyed. The bear can continue to rejoin its group as soon as the repellents effects have faded away.

    I have learned however that bear pepper spray should not be used on someone else. Im a bit worried about this actually considering that my fiance as well as his buddies become a little rowdy at times.

    The Mace Bear Repellent Spray which I purchased for my fiance could spray about 30 feet a safe enough distance in between the bear and my partner. It can be utilized just once since the container empties at about 5.4 seconds.

    Right now I have bought two more sprays as reserves. I could just hope that a bear attack never occurs but if it does then at least let my fiance do not forget that he has a Bear Mace in his belt pack. After all it is always alertness as well as common sense that will help save somebody in the end.

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