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  • Utilizing The Right Tools To Be Able To Give Protection To Yourself From Possible Danger

    I have continuously searched for the most appropriate personal protection tool for my daughter who will be going to college. I want to provide her something that she could easily use as well as carry around easily everywhere she goes and would keep her secure constantly.

    My sister-in-law advises that I consider self defense spray. She guarantees me that it is among the best out there for personal protection but it is still a mystery to me. What is Mace really for? What distinguishes it from other defense spray manufacturers?

    I need to be very sure regarding self defense sprays before I order one for my daughter. Her safety is on the line here. I cant risk hurting her simply because I didnt do my research.

    Well I have gone on the web and looked self defense sprays up. I have learned that these leave an agonizing burning feeling anywhere they were aimed at often in the eyes and also on the skin. Because of this the perpetrator will get distracted by the pain letting the victim to run towards safety.

    I also know about small pepper sprays. Being compact and light in weight they can fit in my daughters smallest purse. Furthermore she can conceal one readily in her hand and spray her enemy at a moments notice.

    While researching the Mace 10% PepperGard Leather Plus pepper spray particularly got my attention. It is small holding 15 grams of self defense spray that could reach up to 10 feet. It could last for up to 5 one-second bursts. Its security cap glows in the dark making it easier to unlock as well as use even in the evening.

    I believe that my daughter is going to really like this one as she could keep it readily in her pocket. It will be effortless for her to use and also fits her small hands perfectly.

    While I would like to get her this kind of small self defense spray before she attends college what is Mace really good for as a self-defense device? I suppose that I have to research more to find out.

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