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  • How To Study Martial Arts The Fast And Simple Manner

    Around 4 months back I had mistaken a guy for a buddy of mine and approached him in back of a convenience store. It turned out he was a red-eyed crackhead. Five moments later he got me pinned against the wall with a knife on my throat.

    Luckily for me the grocer (his name was Dave) was taking out the trash and noticed me. He was only a tiny little man but he got my assailants attention. The crackhead attacked Dave. I did not know that Dave was learning how to fight and quickly the man down.

    Dave is quite an unassuming person. Normally quiet courteous. I am a regular at his store. I typically buy instant coffee as well as cigarettes in order to keep me up when I write. That event got me to know him slightly better.

    He he asked me to come over during weekends and when I got to his place he revealed to me his collection of martial arts DVDs. It was really handy he said. There was no need to drive to the fitness center or something. He can exercise anytime any place and with anyone he wanted to.

    I would certainly concur with that. Instructional fighting DVDs were a whole lot cheaper as well given that you did not need to pay for membership fees.

    So he allow me to borrow three self-defense videos which he swore had been most beneficial for him. The first was Small Mans Advantage from Bob Taylor. With Daves height at just about 53 I can understand that. I remember the crackhead was around 12 inches higher as compared to him.

    The next was Fight to Win. The thing I like regarding this is the teaching method of Jim West. It gets you truly inspired to learn. The 3rd street-fighting DVD was the Unarmed Combat Course by Frank Cucci. The content there was deadly swift as well as just as easy to remember.

    If I knew that learning how to fight would be this simple I would have done it before.

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