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  • Tips On Keeping Oneself Secure

    For a long time my sister didnt desire to learn self-defense until a classmate of hers got raped. I informed her that she should have learned kubaton techniques by now.

    As my gym trainer said to me kubotans are designed effectively to be able to target nerve points bony surfaces and also soft tissue. Strikes from these cause intense pain or momentary paralysis. Any person can utilize them or without martial arts training. The techniques may be learned readily and the weapons are inexpensive.

    I had a work mate at the office that had used a kubotan the moment she was jumped by 2 men. She said that her weapon increased her attacks. She just responded normally and never tried to become very precise. The spots she went for were the kneecap ankle hipbone collarbone arm shin solar plexus throat groin and also stomach.

    The moment she struck a bony section of her assailant he ceased his strike quickly. There is constantly the chance of splitting bones particularly when you hit an area that isnt covered by clothes.

    If you aim for soft or fleshy areas jabs and pokes work best. If you want to strike bony sections then you ought to use swinging strikes.

    You could use a kubotan as a key chain. It looks like a key ring. When the time is right you hold your kubotan and attack the aggressor in the face using your keys. This will definitely prevent him from getting near you once again.

    I told my sibling that this was extremely convenient to use and carry this personal protection weapon around. This is unregulated and really legal too. She finally agreed to my safety option and requested me to teach her how to make use of one.

    It is true that a kubotan does not look really intimidating whatsoever. But with the appropriate kubaton techniques you will be able to save your life and the lives of your companions also.

  • The Most Effective Means Of Defending Yourself From Danger

    I have always believed that the best weapon for self defense is something that you already have at the moment. It could be your own bag your cell phone or that ballpoint pen inside your shirt pocket. Lets face it. Even if you have the best gun or hunting knife it wont do you any good if it is locked up within your own cabinet right when you need it right?

    So as a self defense coach I carry several seemingly harmless weapons about me all the time. The very first reason is I have to show my own students that they could utilize similar-shaped items for self defense and the next reason is that I do live in a not-so-friendly portion of Saskatchewan.

    One of my favorite tools is the kubotan. In other styles of martial arts its also called a palm stick or dulo dulo. It is basically a small stick made of either wood or metal which can be used as a keychain so that (1) people dont forget to take it with them constantly and (2) they can carry it around inconspicuously.

    Some people prefer the wooden palm sticks. I prefer the aluminum kind simply because it is shinier and less difficult to find in low light conditions.

    The two are very versatile either way. It does not matter if your own opponents are bigger. You can harm them with a jab on strategic nerve points within the soft tissues and also escape unharmed.

    I recall that one of my students had an aggressive date. He grabbed her from behind and wouldnt hear the word no. So she poked him in the eye using the palm stick and left.

    You can effectively attack bony parts with it really hard too just like the shin or even the jaw. And if youre within striking distance your kubotan can stabilize your fist when you punch that nose.

    Now always keep in mind that the best weapon for self defense would still be ineffective if you dont have the presence of mind to make use of it.

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