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  • Tips On How To Shield Your Kids From Unsafe Web Sites

    My little boy David has been fiddling with the PC at home since he was five years old. He usually shared it with his dad playing games and also seeing kid-friendly videos on YouTube.

    The moment he turned six he knew his way around the PC as well as the Web even without my or my spouses help. I started to be concerned with him viewing and also reading unhealthy info on the web. That was when I prompted my other half to install a kid-friendly browser with an adult content blocker on the computer.

    The idea came to me with the assistance of most parents in the PTA. They stated their computers got a child-safe Web browser which blocked unsuitable sites and computer programs.

    I found that these types of Web content blockers were beneficial in checking what sites kids had access to. They prevented the little ones from going to internet websites which had harmful content or the ones that might present a danger to their safety.

    As from what I have heard the safe Web browser for children typically has an easy navigation menu and needs a parent password to be able to leave an application. Others also have time restrictions in order to keep track of how long children can browse the web.

    After doing some research my hubby as well as I made a decision to select the KIDS netSAFE Web browser. Just like the others this particular kid-safe Web browser simply needed parents to add their chosen Websites to the favorites list. It likewise provided little ones with an enjoyable and safe computer experience with its lively interface and colorful thumbnails.

    What I love concerning this particular Web browser is that it disables the address bar function. This prevents David from going to any additional sites other than the ones I have added. Moreover this allows me to add particular Internet sites I dont want David to visit too.

    Right after adding the adult content blocker I did not have to watch over Davids shoulders anymore while he was utilizing the computer or browsing the web.

  • Why Safeguarding Your Kids Online Implies Protecting Yourself

    I will never forget the moment my 5-year-old logged into my Facebook account and added a lot of strangers as friends. She just said Why not? They all seem really nice.

    That was the minute I began considering Internet safety for kids until finally I decided to acquire one of those child-safe Web browsers.

    Not like well-known Web browsers such as Chrome or Firefox safe Web browsers for kids are generally much simpler to navigate. They come packed with links to Web sites which have been confirmed safe for kids.

    All of these kid-friendly browsers possess the common pop-up and also adult content blockers however what sets certain ones apart is in precisely how flexible the parental controls are. A few can let your child navigate only sites that have been verified as safe for children while others purely allow just the websites which the parents indicate.

    I considered the KIDS netSAFE Web browser ideal as it is mix of both. The application possesses its preset list of internet sites that you can also add to. And you can turn off the address bar in order that your toddler can just access the preloaded links including websites that you have added. I thought that I would utilize the no-address-bar setting until Sam reaches 7 or 8 years old.

    The interface is colorful and fun also. The full screen window makes sure that my toddler will not gain access to any of the computers programs as well as any of my own files.

    Two months ago my cousins property was burglarized. It could have been accidentally or it may have been that their children had posted on the net that their whole family was going away for the weekend. The moment that took place I blocked all the well-known social networking sites. Perhaps when Sam is 9 or 10 I will unblock a number of them.

    From what occurred to my cousin I understand now that Internet safety for kids also signifies protection for adults. Children are the most susceptible members of the family and have to be carefully guided and safeguarded.

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