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  • Effective Way Of Protection For Ladies Against Possible Danger

    Gone are the days when females were just designated to stay inside the house or become quiet helpless creatures. Now there are girls that rule the boardroom. Eccentric country leaders even have female bodyguards as their security personnel. It is just right then that girls should be able to safeguard themselves constantly.

    Being an engineer I work in a predominantly male environment. Nearly all of my colleagues are males. And while a few of the old traditional ones might think that I am bad in my work the engineers and contractors with whom I work directly have high respect for me.

    My job entails me to work long and also unusual hours. Therefore I must learn how to safeguard myself during times of need.

    I thought of enrolling myself in a martial arts class however I became too much of a couch potato after work to have self-defense classes. So I searched for other alternatives for personal protection training.

    A colleague from work recommended that I get my dose of self-defense moves from an instructional fighting DVD. He told me to try out Be the Bodyguard by Gregg Woolridge.

    For you to safeguard yourself effectively Woolridge believes that you have to condition your head that you are in continuous danger from outside elements. Being aware of your own surroundings lets you produce an aura that youre not someone to be trifled with so that you will be at less risk of being assaulted.

    Some of the lessons that can be learned in the self-defense DVD are easy takedowns how you can knock somebody out immediately and gun disarming. I was pretty convinced with what my office friend said to me that I placed an order for one quickly.

    Female bodyguards probably have the exact same kind of training which Woolridge has in order to safeguard their boss effectively. It is a comfort to learn that I can have the exact same kind of protection.

  • Effective Method Of Safeguarding Oneself Towards A Larger Enemy

    I was a little shocked when my brother asked if I knew any ideas on how to win a street fight. He then told me that he signed up himself in a self-defense course in order to know how to safeguard himself and others in case he or somebody he was with were attacked.

    However right after 2 months he quit his class since the rates were way too much for him. But his giving up didnt prevent him from studying self-defense. In under a week he had taken home an instructional fighting video.

    Each and every night right after school he would view the video and imitate the moves. He even purchased two more self-defense videos right after he was done with the first.

    As a surprise for him I purchased Bob Taylors Small Mans Advantage on the web. My brother is only 57 which is why I thought that it was perfect for him. Taylor guarantees his audiences that their tiny statures do not make them weak. Rather it offers them an edge in a fight. Not a tall guy himself Taylor truly understands what hes talking about.

    Based on the street-fighting DVD a big opponent could be defeated simply because his body possesses vulnerable targets. Furthermore theres an element of surprise in a fight between a smaller man and also somebody bigger. The surprise nonetheless is on the latter since he will be thinking that he can easily beat a smaller opponent.

    I told my brother that Small Mans Advantage would be a fantastic instructional fighting video for him to see and study from.

    Soon enough my brother was a lot more confident of himself. He told me and also our parents that the video helped him accept his 5-foot-7-inch frame and also that muscles and height can only take you so much. Your own fighting skill is the one that is important.

    My sibling carries on to train himself through instructional fighting videos. He keeps on telling us that if he did not abandon his self-defense training he would not have been able to learn how to win a street fight for real.

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