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  • Effective Method Of Keeping Your Parents Protected From A Distance

    My company had me relocate to the United Kingdom immediately after I got promoted. I remained there for a few years and was amazed by the extent of home protection UK residents had in their houses.

    After four months in the UK I went back to the US for a quick vacation. I went to my parents and encouraged that they acquire a house security system like what I had seen. I mentioned the significance of home security considering that immediately after my siblings and I moved out my parents were all alone.

    With a wireless house security system an alarm is going to be triggered whenever an intruder activates it. This works by setting up a door/window sensor close to a potential entry way that is a door or window into your home. The moment this detects motion this sends a signal to a base unit.

    The base unit then dials the very first phone number on a list of five programmed beforehand by the owner. The individual at the other end of the line will hear a pre-recorded message.

    He/she can listen for a short while to what is happening inside the room in order to find out whether the person who has activated the alarm is a thief or somebody who has legitimate access to the house.

    Once he/she knows who has entered he/she can either disarm the base device or talk loudly into the mobile phone to scare off the burglar. Should no person pick up the phone call to the first programmed phone number the base unit is going to contact the next number on the list and so on.

    My mother and father appeared content with my explanation as to the reason why they needed a motion detecting security device so I bought them the HomeSafe wireless home security system. This one possesses a door/window sensor that can receive a wireless transmission coming from 250 feet and a motion detector which has a range of ten yards.

    It is due to the degree of home protection UK citizens practice that my parents are protected within the United States.

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