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  • Helpful Devices To Keep Your House Protected From Thieves

    Our community isnt the safest place in the world. We have to deal with break-ins robberies and drive-by shootings constantly however since this is our home were ready to live with it.

    We have adjusted to our surroundings and also bought a complex home security system that features a number of home alarms and hidden cameras. Even though this might not prevent a determined thief we can at least make sure that well bring the criminals to justice.

    One of the more interesting items which we possess is an auto dialer security and safety alarm. When armed this particular auto dialer regularly scans the room it is in and is going to sound a 105 dB alarm the moment that motion is detected.

    As soon as the alarm is sounded it will also dial up to 5 preset contact numbers. We have set it to include the telephone number of the local police department so that it will call for help in case were not able to.

    We installed our auto dialer inside the main room which is the living room of our residence. We do not have a back or side door and there are no trees surrounding the house so we only have to worry about one entryway.

    In the summer months our front door is open throughout the day to air out our home so we have the alarm set to chime mode. In this mode it is going to play a light chime sound whenever it perceives motion but is not going to sound the alarm or call the police.

    We arm our motion detector auto dialer alarm during the night whenever we are resting and also every time we venture out on long journeys. Whenever used in combination with our hidden cameras this makes sure that anybody who trespasses could be tracked and captured.

    The home alarms that we utilize give us not just security but also peace of mind. Our motion-detecting auto dialer has shown to be so useful that we have decided to get one each for our office and also our shop as well.

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