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  • Picking Out Perfect Self Defense Weapons for Women

    Being a modern girl entails many different things. Other than taking care of your very own finances, career as well as future, you will also have to take into account some type of women self defense. While an independent lady is prone to assaults and criminal offenses, she has the capability to control virtually any situation.

    If a mugger cornered you in an alley and threatened you using physical violence you would have the way to escape this situation. When you purchase a self defense weapon for women, such as the stun knuckles the power and also control moves back to you.

    A knuckle stun gun contains the strength to disable anyone and is a great stun gun for women. It administers electric shocks to a targets body whenever the unit comes in contact with it. A very simple touch or graze is sufficient to bring an attacker to his knees.

    You would have plenty of time to try to escape or ask for assistance right after the mugger falls down. He would be unable to move or even attack once the shocks enter his body. Even though the effects are temporary the window of time is sufficient for you to secure your safety.

    One more great thing about stun knuckles is that they are non fatal. You wouldn't need to bother about killing anyone or harming them completely.

    Stun knuckles can be purchased as high voltage stun guns. This means that they discharge a substantial amount of electricity in one go. Utilizing a knuckle stun gun will be like striking your attacker with the power of many guys. Your own personal size as well as power would not be a factor in the performance of this self defense weapon for women.

    A high voltage stun gun is a quick acting and also efficient non lethal self defense weapon. It will take much less shots for it to do its work when compared with lower voltage ones. One impact is going to be equal to several shots from a low voltage stun gun.

    Obtaining your very own set of stun knuckles is going to be akin to having your own private bodyguard continuing to keep you secure 24/7. You wouldn't need to be afraid of being on your own or of traveling all on your own.

  • How You Can Safeguard Yourself From Danger

    At one time I got robbed on a deserted street after dark. I didnt put up a fight and gave my stuff up instantly. You would think that would save you and you would be wrong. He had stepped away but then turned around out of the blue and clubbed me using an iron bar.

    The experience as well as the hospital ordeal that came after was traumatic. It would also set me back a lot more cash after I lost plenty already. Today Im invoking self-defense. And learning through Web sites that carry all sorts of stun gun how it works is my starting point.

    The thing I know until now is the fact that a stun gadget can release electric shock straight into the body with which it is in contact. As a result the person receiving electricity can lose muscle movement as well as balance and fall over. The Internet shops all seem to suggest the same.

    More usual understanding is that the effects are short term and wane in around twenty to forty five minutes. They are non deadly and bring about no life-compromising injuries. You ought to use this moment to escape and contact 9-1-1.

    Recently I stumbled on a self-defense forum in which low voltage stun guns were being recommended to novice users. These deploy some 500000 volts or lesser while high voltage stun gadgets release a million volts or maybe more.

    It would appear that the weaker voltage cuts down on the risk of there being anything serious caused on the target if the shooter is inexperienced. And also somebody unskilled might shoot himself by mistake yet not get hurt hugely.

    A paperless trail led me to Stun Master stun guns which come in several voltages. The lower range consists of 100000 volts in heights of 4.5 and also 6 inches 200000 volts and 6.5 inches tall and 300000 volts with lengths of 6 and also 6.5 in inches.

    Gaining knowledge from a more proficient user of a stun gun how it works to give personal protection is a benefit which I enjoy in the online forums. Thanks to those I am quite convinced to make a 200000-volt stun gadget my very first purchase.

  • Searching For Dependable Self-Defense Stun Guns Starts Off Here

    If truth be told it currently took a leap of faith on my part to believe that virtually any self-defense tool at all could preserve my life. Being a realist I was obviously hesitant from the beginning about the value of those devices in fending off assaults.

    However I try to keep a balanced view. My only notion of personal protection previously was these teensy pepper spray canisters that a big sister toted around. I expected to probably get going with a Mace stun gun or some such familiar name.

    Sis swore by her label and that was as good as it got an uninvited recommendation for me. Only I took much more fascination with trying out a stun gun because I could sure buy into the power of electric shock to incapacitate people temporarily.

    Boy was I unaware! As hard as I tried to look for any Mace stun gun on the web I kept happening upon some other stun guns instead. The amusing thing was that a number of these items while unfamiliar to me as yet were snatching my attention.

    I was particularly won over by learning about low voltage stun guns as well as high voltage stun guns that have been just as useful depending on how sympathetic I wished to be toward a predator.

    Moreover I just about ditched my hunt for any Mace stun gun when I found the best stun weapons to catch goons unaware. These are disguised stun guns as they are covert units and small stun guns that are concealable gadgets.

    I havent halted searching the World wide web for self-defense stun guns since. To mention one Stun Master is doing well persistently in my book up to now. Every merchandise by these long-time stun gun manufacturers are supplied with a lifetime warranty.

    Even though I never did run into a Mace stun gun what I found much more than made up for that. Whats more stun guns are all non-lethal devices. Having results that peter out soon after 15 to 50 minutes they do not leave the target any injury for life.

  • Picking A Defense Weapon That Delivers Surprises

    From disguised stun guns to expanding stun batons you can go with a self-defense weapon that operates best in your benefit.

    In case you are looking for a cell phone Taser dont be shocked to see cell phone stun guns instead. They appear exactly like normal cellular phones however are actually stunning devices which could overpower bad guys.

    Almost all attackers utilize the similar technique of surprising the possible victims to render them defenseless. By using a disguised stun gun though youre armed and also all set for whatever happens. When yours is activated it will too late for an attacker to fully grasp that your cellphone is a stun gun in disguise.

    In case you have been looking for a cell phone Taser then your hunt has possibly took you to all sorts of cell phone stun guns. Employed as you would a standard stun gun each emits an electrical force which targets the muscle tissues so that any person becomes incapable of moving.

    Although a stun gun could potentially cause paralysis this is only momentary. You can then utilize this gap to get away from your assailant. You must also note that a stun gun is a non deadly weapon and must only be used to guard yourself against an offender.

    Many men and women prefer to make use of high voltage stun guns because of their stunning potential. In the event you feel far more at ease owning one of these then you may want to look at the 4.5 million volt Pretender cell phone stun gun. Just ignore a cell phone Taser simply because there are actual products on the market that could safeguard you effectively versus any danger.

    One of the best things regarding stun guns is that they are secure to utilize. The electrical current which would be brought to the attacker would never pass on to you even when you are in direct contact with him.

    To deliver the most strong impact hold the concealable stun gun against an assaulter for a few moments. The next time that you muse regarding a cell phone Taser be happy that you can already find disguised stun guns on the market.

  • Details To Remember When Purchasing Stealthy Self-Defense Stun Guns

    Todays technology has paved the way for much better as well as advanced devices. Notebook computers tabs pads and also mobile phones are turning out to be smaller and also smarter. Usually the reduction in size is inversely proportional with their effectiveness.

    The very same is to be mentioned in the field of self-defense. Smaller and also stronger stun guns are being made. A Runt stun gun is as efficient as its larger sized cousins.

    With a look a Runt stun gun might not get your interest like the very popular items would. That is exactly the impact that the makers are relying on.

    That is one of several strategic features of small stun guns such as the 4500000-volt Hot Shot stun gun. Its facade resembles that of a hand held device and its camouflaged manner facilitates a surprise counterattack in dangerous conditions. A nylon holster and also a detachable steel belt clip allow additional stealth as well as easy use of this camouflaged stun gun.

    The element of surprise is best in a counterstrike specially where women are involved. This will allow you to stun any thug without being obstructed. Stunning the opponent is going to be a lot easier if hes totally unaware of exactly what is about to occur. A Runt stun gun is tiny enough to be hidden in the palm of the hand until finally use.

    High voltage stun guns could certainly come in small apparently ordinary forms of stun gun. These stun guns are extremely simple but their strong effect isnt. They pack a powerful charge that would deliver attacker crashing to the floor.

    The results of a Runt stun gun are the identical to with any kind of high voltage stun gun. Immediately upon contact and the discharge of electric power the enemys neuromuscular system will get disruptive impulses. This will lead to a loss of control over the muscles leading to immobility and weakness.

    This period of time of brief immobility and also powerlessness will allow you to get away and ask for help. The effects of these small however terrible stun guns are non deadly and momentary.

  • Making Use Of A Self-Defense Device To Help My Business Stay Alive In A Bad Neighborhood

    I tried out to stretch my initial capital by leasing a commercial area inside a middle-income district with a good reputation for gang wars. Immediately though I learned that the place continued to be a target of robbers for quick hits. Clearly nobody could possibly tell when.

    At this point I can just hope and believe that criminals would be impeded by the Runt stun gun which I possess. Since I began having it with me whether I am within my shop or outside I have felt a lot less jittery with regards to conducting business in this inadvisable place.

    Stun guns offer self-defense by simply releasing a debilitating electrical charge into the body that it touches. In consequence the recipient will endure brief loss of equilibrium and of the capability to move the muscles.

    The effect is non-lethal and results in no irreparable damage. It fades away soon after 15 to 45 minutes. This is the perfect moment for getting away and also contacting 9-1-1.

    High voltage stun guns appeal to me being a female who wants slim margins of error since they decrease the chance of an assaulter being able to withstand an electric shock. Only a few stand a chance from volts by the millions.

    Even though choices of 2.5 million volts and in black are up for grabs a 4.5 million volts pink Runt stun gun does it for me. Its a mere 3 1/2 inches high and no hassle to carry around inside the free heavy-duty nylon belt loop holster that was included with it.

    Every woman 18 and above should have a small stun gun no contest. It makes sense being held by a smaller hand. If you can hold your weapon to help keep it out of sight the thug would have no clue of what is coming for him.

    To date the Runt stun gun which accompanies me wherever I go has warded off a security threat on a few occasions. At least once I was with one of my staff and what she saw later encouraged her to order a self-defense stun gun for herself.

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