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  • Pointers On Keeping Your Important Things Hidden From House Helpers

    My hubby and I both have regular jobs which leaves us with rarely any time to have household duties carried out. To keep our house in order we decided to hire a housekeeper to take care of all our cleaning needs.

    After some time I noticed that my personal possessions would go missing. Naturally we assumed that it was our cleaner stealing from us though we had no evidence. Instead my partner encouraged that we hide stash canisters amongst our things in which these would go undetected.

    That put the idea in my head of concealing things in plain sight. And then I stumbled upon diversion safes. These are hiding safes camouflaged as normal items seen in homes. The reason behind that is to outsmart anyone attempting to steal from you as they usually target the obvious hiding areas.

    One that I felt would seem unsurprising along with your toiletry items was a Brut shaving foam can safe. As it blends in with bathroom products were certain that the helper will not have an idea what it is or bother checking inside.

    The moment I chanced on a stone diversion safe I thought that it would appear very natural in my indoor garden together with plants and flowers. It is an excellent disguise for hiding money and jewelry which our housekeeper isnt likely to figure out.

    It truly does make sense to store ones possessions right under thieves noses. I myself would have never imagined that these secret safes were actual hiding places. If this was the way to keep our personal belongings protected then I was already sold on it.

    I feel just as positive that a gourmet saltshaker diversion safe would be undetected with the actual kitchen condiments. No person would ever imagine its true identity seeing as it looks just like the actual thing.

    Not only is it easy to hide stash containers in plain view it is effective too. So far I havent noticed anything else missing and I truly hope things will remain that way.

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