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Tag Archives: Garrett hand-held metal detectors

  • Suggestions Concerning How To Keep Your Business From Getting Robbed

    My jewelry store is located within the business district. Thinking that no one would dare rob a shop in such a busy part of town I employed two security guards only for my store and also armed them with a pistol each. On the later part of last year however a bank 3 blocks away from my own shop was robbed.

    That incident got me thinking of whether or not I was placing my workers lives as well as my business at risk by not giving adequate security. Thus I got a monitoring camera on the internet a couple of months back and I started thinking of acquiring one of those Garrett hand-held metal detectors coming from a reliable metal detector store in another part of town.

    After much deliberation on precisely what security metal detector to buy I ultimately bought two one for each of the security guards.

    A metal detector is a unit which detects metal items such as knives blades and even medium-sized guns coming from a range of less than a foot. It could furthermore detect foil-wrapped drugs.

    What I purchased was the Superwand. It utilizes digital microprocessor technology so that it no more requires the user to check the detectors sensitivity adjustments on a regular basis since the device by itself is self-calibrating. It either produces an audible alert or vibrates to enable the user know that another person carries a dangerous weapon.

    This particular lightweight super sensitive metal detector is grip-friendly as it can easily fit into just about any hand size. Thus whether your security guard is pint-sized or possesses a wrestlers build he or she will still feel comfortable holding the metal detector.

    As soon as the hand-held metal detectors were shipped to my store I gave those to the security guards immediately and oriented them on what to do should they through the devices discover a dangerous item.

    Thanks to the services of a security metal detector store around town I presently have 2 great-quality metal detectors in my store. Right now I feel calmer that my staff and business are safe.

  • Use Of Hand-Held Metal Detectors To Effectively Detect Weapons And Also Contraband

    The school board of which I am part has been thinking about updating the security equipment in our school building. Right after much discussion we have agreed to increase the quantity of monitoring cameras utilized in our area.

    As the next step I am now considering equipping our security personnel with Garrett hand-held metal detectors. My plan would be to try to find a portable metal detector which will be suitable for our purpose and then submit it to the board for approval.

    In the beginning we have appreciated the value of having the guards use security metal detectors at the gates of the school. On several occasion the guards captured small weapons as well as different kinds of contraband with the aid of these kinds of handy tools.

    At this time I have my interest on the SuperWand. Its a hand-held metal pinpointing tool which is built to detect ferrous non-ferrous as well as stainless steel weapons contraband and also other metal objects.

    The length of this particular metal detector provides a 360-degree detection field for uniform sensitivity. For pinpointing the end of this particular metal screening gadget can reveal weapons as well as other metal things with extreme accuracy. It possesses a one-touch switch and also three color LED lights for ease and also convenience.

    This type of hand-held metal detector also provides versatile dual alarm capabilities. It could change from clear audible detection to a silent vibrating LED alarm. Plus it carries a digital microprocessor that effectively does away with the need for periodic sensitivity adjustments.

    I am especially interested in its ergonomically designed grip that can fit just about any hand size. This will ensure ease and comfort of use for the security guards which subsequently will lessen their stress and also enhance their efficiency.

    I really believe that this particular portable metal detector can easily satisfy the security demands of our own school building. I am sure that getting our hands on a number of units is going to prove to be a wise investment for a long period.

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