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  • Means Of Enhancing Your Self-Defense Techniques

    Im constantly open to new things in my life. When the chance to learn self-defense exercises sprung forth I knew I needed to get it.

    It was my brother who got me into instructional fighting DVDs. They are easy as well as convenient because they teach you how to learn self-defense inside your own house at your very own time as well as pace. It is a DIY technique which is less costly than employing an expert to train you within his class.

    My brother revealed to me his then-small assortment of self-defense videos. One was Advanced Combative Tactics by Shannon Stallard. It shows precisely how action words make your entire body spring into action how to do counter attacks and how you can do effective defensive blocks.

    Next was DELTA/SEAL Camp: Protecting You and Your Loved Ones (Firearms) compiled by TRS. It is a top-notch combat training video which guarantees the protection of your family members and yourself from any crook in creation. You do not need to have earlier training or special abilities. The skills are a breeze to master.

    I was interested in the street-fighting DVD by Jacov Bressler called Fast and Furious Street Smarts. Bressler shows exactly what real-life fighting is all about. The Navy SEALS and the SWAT have long used his techniques. These are simple to learn that anyone could basically do the moves.

    A friend and I returned home late after watching a movie one evening. As we walked from the bus stop to our duplex apartment the two of us noticed two men following us. One nabbed my small pal suddenly and the other held my shoulders.

    With the techniques that I learned I was able to put those guys down in just minutes. My good friend called 911 frantically and we called a neighbor and remained at the scene until help came.

    It was a long night. But with the self defense exercises which I had carried out I was able to make this a long enjoyable night knowing that we were safe.

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