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  • Nap Alarm Will Wake Up A Drive Falling Asleep at the Wheel

    Here is a story submitted by someone whom has used one of our personal security products to help keep them stay awake on long road trips.

    According to the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration sleepiness and fatigue account for 1.5% of all vehicle accidents every year.

    While, lawmakers are pushing to require a limit on the maximum amount of hours which a driver could be out on the road, nothing has come of it yet. For the time being numerous organizations offer gadgets which aim to deal with the issue of sleepy drivers.

    One such unit is referred to as a nap alarm and it is a small earplug-like gadget which is worn over the ear. It features a motion sensor which is capable of detecting if you are drifting off to sleep.

    It does this by keeping track of your head movements and whenever it finds that your head is moving forward or backwards too much just like when you're nodding off this portable sleep alert is going to produces and sounds a strong alarm to be able to wake you, as well as your passengers up.

    "As a truck driver, I normally spend weeks at a time faraway from my household and on the road. My job would be to carry cargo from one metropolis to another at times in different states. This means that I could be driving for 12 hours or more each day.

    My strict deadlines mean that there is little time for sleep and I frequently find myself falling asleep at the wheel.

    I bought a nap alarm for myself and I put it on every time I am on trips that take a few days to complete. Thanks to it's simpleness my nap alert does not get in my way and I often forget that it is there until it decides to wake me up."

    Even though this sleep alarm is often promoted towards truck drivers it can be utilized by anybody who needs to remain alert while on duty like security guards and also machine operators.

    With the economy at a standstill businesses are requiring more and more time from their workers. Motorists as well as drivers falling asleep at the wheel will still be a problem; however with gadgets just like the portable nap alarm organizations can minimize that danger.

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