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  • Using Self-Defense Devices To Be Able To Keep Women Safe From Criminals

    Becoming a single working mother is as difficult as it can be. I need to work two times as hard to provide my child with exactly what he needs. As a personal associate to a workaholic boss I sometimes need to stay late at work in order to finish off his requests. That simply leaves me absolutely no option but just to walk the 4 blocks from the bus stop towards my apartment late at night.

    I understand that this routine is extremely risky particularly that single moms are the only ones their kids can depend upon. I need to be able to provide protection to myself from muggers and also rapists but what is the best self defense weapon for single mothers such as myself?

    I want something that could disarm an opponent and bring him or her down to his or her knees yet minus the death brought on by a handgun. Anyway I am way too scared to try that since I may use it the incorrect way.

    Furthermore I would like a self-defense weapon that gives a comfortable distance say around a foot or so in between me and the attacker but one that can still easily fit into my purse.

    While surfing the net I have discover a telescopic steel baton. Its expandable meaning that it is in its short form when not needed and you can keep it inside your bag. When the moment comes to make use of it you could stretch it with a flick of your wrist for it to extend to its total length. You can simply pound the tip on a hard surface to be able to shorten it again.

    These types of retractable steel batons come in different lengths just like 16 21 and 26 inches. Those measurements are more than how long I wanted my self-defense weapon to be in the beginning.

    With an extendable steel baton I could return home at 10 at night knowing that I will survive to still be able to read my son a bedtime story.

    So what is the best self defense weapon for single moms? For me it is one which could continue to keep her protected for her kids.

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