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  • Continuing To Keep Your Own Children Safe Outside And Inside The School

    It really is surprising how the lessons we dont forget most from school are the types that are non-academic. One of the best morsels of wisdom I picked up while in high school was that the best defense versus harassment of any sort was calling attention to your condition.

    During that time we used to have safety whistles. Nowadays my kids and I employ some panic alarms that I had bought in an online store.

    Much like the good old whistle personal alarms can be tripped off to be able to sound an alarm which would certainly alert other individuals of the threat you are in. Oftentimes the wrongdoers themselves get spooked and run away whenever they get shocked by the alarm.

    My youngest daughter makes use of an aerosol alarm. Upon your pressing the activator on top this alarm gives off an ear-piercing screech that can be readily recognized as a call for help. This personal security alarm is very small as well as easy to hide but its alarm could reach approximately a quarter of a mile away.

    My other child has a keychain alarm with flashlight. The 130dB alarm can be activated in 2 ways. The very first is when the pin connected to the key chain is pulled. The next is when the button on top of the unit is pushed. Besides an alarm it has a built-in flashlight for use during low light conditions.

    My own personal alarm is a 120dB electronic pocket/keychain whistle. It makes the exact same sounds as a regular whistle would. The sole difference is there is no requirement for me to blow on the alarm. All it takes is the press of a button.

    The miniature design of the personal alarms which we are presently utilizing makes them very ideal to use while on the move. Thus asking my kids to make them a part of their daily get-up has been absolutely no trouble at all.

    I have stressed the significance of panic alarms to my little girls. I really hope and pray that they will take it to heart like I did.

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