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  • Effective Strategy Of Protecting Your Children From Internet Predators

    Just like any kind of parent I am concerned about the undesirable effects of computers and also the Internet on my children. While the open nature of the Internet allows them gain access to untold amounts of information I cant help but be concerned that they are at risk at the same time.

    Crooks are almost everywhere on the open Web but it is just too far-reaching and important to day-to-day living for me to get rid of. After discovering the IntelliSpy computer activity tracking software I opted to invest in protecting my kids while they are on the web.

    Given that I cant continually be near to be able to keep track of the online activity of my little ones I have employed the use of this kind of software to do it for me. Its got several features that are ideal for monitoring exactly what minors do on both the computer as well as the Internet.

    First it could log keystrokes. This means that everything entered into the personal computer is recorded right into a file. I can see everything from documents such as school reports homework as well as letters to emails and instant messages sent on social networks and also chat rooms.

    Also it is going to automatically get screenshots of the desktop at varied periods and save these to a folder. These images will capture everything on screen and any kind of program that was open and visible to the user will be visible to you as well.

    Furthermore I have the capability to block as well as filter inappropriate Web sites. I utilize it mostly to be able to control the kinds of sites which my kids are permitted to go to and to enforce our house rules regarding chatting with buddies on the internet games as well as social networking.

    Last but definitely not least the application runs completely in the background and cant be seen or closed down by anyone on the computer. It is set to start the moment the computer is switched on and can automatically restart if somebody were to shut it down accidentally.

    Although the internet and its influence increase with each passing day the IntelliSpy computer activity tracking software enables me to rest easy in the evening realizing that my kids are protected from the dangers of online predators.

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