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  • Precisely What Disguised Stun Gun To Get Right Now To Gain Maximum Security

    Women like to be spoiled be it with designer hand bags, designer shoes, designer denims or even a designer face and body. It seems that simply no price is high enough, but are you investing the same amount for your glamorous personal security?

    It is no secret that males are often attracted to lovely ladies, who unfortunately receive the dangerous kind of attention at times.

    I have known women whom have been in a situation such as this and it was often just due to a present that lead to a situation that was unavoidable  to escape unscathed. But a present that I gave one special girl in my life, help to prevent this fate.

    That present was a pink stun gun that was given as soon as she left home for college. I never imagined that she was actually going to use that cell phone stun gun, however she was grateful that she had it when she needed it. Here is her this ladies self defense story..

    "I used to scoff at my disguised stun gun often taking this pink stun gun as a joke to my pals or as a discussion piece. Right now, that I know precisely how useful and life-saving it is though, I have requested my family and associates to obtain the same.

    I have become to realize that the result caused by a stun gun is just temporary. There aren't any long lasting damages and the effect will wear off in a small period of time. That window of opportunity ought to be used for escape.

    This was precisely what I had to do when I incapacitated my attacker. After he fell down and hit the floor I ran as fast as I could. I then went over to a nearby restaurant and called the cops. On that evening my pink stun gun matched my footwear and then it saved my life. Who could seek out more?

    Virtually all stun guns are non fatal tools. My pink stun gun worked by unloading electrical voltages into the muscles to make these muscular tissues lose their capability to move. It disturbed neuro-muscular impulses that induced an interruption in motion. "

    As you can see Cell stun guns are created to mirror mobile phones. These are typically high voltage stun guns that could incapacitate an assailant with a single jab.

    The Pretender 4.5 million volt cell phone stun gun to be specific comes in black as well as pink colors.


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