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  • Effective Means Of Safeguarding Oneself From Vicious Dog Assaults

    Ever since I was a kid Ive always been fond of animals dogs particularly. My parents gave me my very first dog a pug during my 5th birthday. He died the summer I turned 11. I requested my mother and father for another pet dog and this time around they provided me a golden retriever. I suppose that it was only normal that I went on to study animal medicine and turn into a veterinarian what with my love for wildlife.

    While I was on my morning jog once however I found a canine approaching me. I didnt mind needless to say but then it began barking intensely as it drew closer. If its owner hadnt come out of his home at the last second I probably would have been attacked. It was at that time that I understood that even with my liking for animals I should perhaps acquire a Dog Mace defense spray. After all it was precisely what I recommended to people I knew who were afraid of dogs.

    Dog defense spray is used to stop a dog from attacking you rather than push it to become more aggressive. When the effects of the canine repellant have faded away the dog is assured to have no lasting damage.

    While non-lethal just like normal defense spray dog spray should not be used on humans vice versa.

    I went on the internet to look at various dog repellents even though I did currently have a certain personal defense weapon in mind the Mace Muzzle canine repellent.

    This Environmental Protection Agency-approved dog self defense spray possesses a flip-top safety cap to keep you from discharging it by mistake.

    This has ten one-second bursts that can reach a distance of 8 to 10 feet. If a hostile canine were getting close to me I would still have plenty of time to launch my dog spray at it.

    It may seem a bit odd that I a veterinarian am prepared to use some Dog Mace on mans best friend. But maybe not: Im 100% sure that this specific personal defense weapon is risk-free for both man and also animal.

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