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  • Ideas On Fending Off Peril Within Risky Areas

    I always avoided unsafe neighborhoods. But now heading to areas where people could kill you only for thrills is all in a days work for me.

    Social workers such as myself must guard from getting attacked in the violent communities in which our clients typically stay. We ought to also be ready to take potentially violent clients down. I wanted an effective self-defense device for protection against rape or assault.

    I truly think I ought to knock even a violent assailant down without having to kill him. That is the reason why I got a stun device.

    I read that stun weapons immobilize an opponent for a while by using electric current on impact without killing him. This means safer self-defense since fighting is unnecessary and while he is twitching on the ground for a few minutes you can call the cops. And he recuperates without permanent damage.

    My supervisor suggested a disguised stun device or a stun gun disguised as another thing because surprise is going to be on my side.

    For that reason I bought a Stun Master 950000 volt rechargeable lipstick stun weapon with flashlight and disable pin online. It is disguised as a lipstick. Little stun weapons just like it fit easily inside a pocket and can be concealed inside the hand adding to the element of surprise. Flashlight stun guns like this one allow you to see and aim better in the dark. Both the trigger and also LED flashlight switch are underneath the cover. Theres a charger bundled also.

    My high voltage stun gun has a neat disable pin connected to a wrist strap. If the weapon is grabbed from me while I am wearing the wrist strap it will pull the pin out disabling the weapon so it cant be utilized versus me.

    Carrying protection against rape or assault cant assure my safety fully. Street smarts and common sense are still also the best protection weapons. But if someone does target me I have got something for him. And he will not figure out what this is right up until it hits him.

  • Raising Your Fighting Odds Against An Opponent

    Criminals werent born the other day. If many possessed the brain to plan an offensive towards a would-be victim then they would have half the mind to plan a defensive too. When they see a self-defense weapon on you they have an opportunity to be prepared for it.

    If they cant tell that youre armed then bad guys lose the upper hand to you. Think about toting a powerful stun gun that looks no different than just about any other camera cellular phone. The stun gun camera phone then gets to be a smokescreen.

    Given that most anybody strolls having a cell phone in hand today the hooligan wouldnt figure out exactly what you have as a weapon instead. A disguised stun gun is among the most foolproof ways to capture a wrongdoer unaware.

    Being unaware a criminal would not care to evade what he has no idea is a crippling stun gun camera cell phone on its way at him. He would almost bring it upon himself to be hit by your cell phone stun gun all too openly.

    After the stun guns impact on a human body it would deliver electric shock and lead to short-lived incapacitation on the individual consequently. Plus he will encounter a loss of stability and also confusion.

    Disguised stun guns move the strategic advantage to their users despite the aggressors built or physical strength. Even though the stun gun camera and phone would not have been functional they will have met their real purpose of fooling the criminals.

    Moreover stun guns do not normally rely on just a single capacity to hamper danger. As an example the Pretender 4.5 million volt cell phone stun gun is a high voltage stun gun too and a flashlight stun gun possessing a very brilliant built-in 12-LED flashlight.

    Apart from a stun gun camera phone disguise you can find stun devices disguised as a lipstick pen Blackberry-type handheld device and also other harmless-seeming things. Stun guns although are all non fatal and do not lead to long term injury.

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