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  • Ways To Hide Your Things From Robbers

    Soon after several robbery occurrences in the apartments of our neighbors my hubby and I came to the conclusion that we were living in a building that got the worst security. For concern that we would be targeted next we had to think of something fast.

    Carrying out a search on the internet brought us to diversion safes. We came across hollow book safes which are simply real books with a hollow center making them excellent spots to hold valuable items. These actually are clever inventions that are great solutions for us.

    In essence these kinds of covert safes are hiding safes that are produced in such a way that they appear to be true items or items seen around a house.

    We like to read and have books all around the apartment. So when we discovered a book diversion safe we thought that it would be the perfect disguise to put amongst all our trinkets at home. The interesting thing about it is that it is a genuine book with a secret place inside enough to keep our funds or jewelry.

    I liked the idea of using a true book with a hiding spot in the middle to hold our personal belongings. A robber would not think to look through our books especially since this book safe would naturally blend into our home.

    We never knew that such safes existed that would allow us to hide our belongings without thieves ever guessing where they are kept. Considering that they would not have an idea that one book is an actual safe I believe it to be much more effective than traditional safes.

    The empty area in between the book is adequate for hiding stuff such as cash jewelry and even a watch. With the disguise of this safe as a book the empty center is truly a good area to keep our things hidden.

    Hollow book safes are ideal for keeping burglars away from your important items. My husband and I now feel a lot more secure by concealing our valuable items at the center of these books.

  • The Way To Successfully Trick A Dorm Thief

    When I used to stay in a dorm while attending college there were a lot of theft incidences on our floor. The information about money going missing spread quite quick since we all knew one another. Some suspected their roommates while some believed that it may be the maintenance workers.

    I heard that a few dormers had cash safes however came back to their dorms and found those empty. Because of this I needed to find our how to make a diversion safe part of my personal security.

    I learned about diversion safes from the internet. These are safes that seem to be like regular household things such as jars and soda cans. Looking around I saw that each covert safe would not look out of place.

    I quickly ordered some on the web. As a test run I stored a few bills inside and left my disguised safe outside our dorm room. I made certain that it was not on a day that trash was collected. When I returned from class I was happy to find that my A&W Rootbeer can safe was still there.

    There also was a book safe which I obtained for myself which I planned to test out. I left several bills again and left the book out in the open. As I suspected it was still there as soon as I checked.

    After that I would store whatever loose money I had on me in both diversion safes. I divided up my money in case one became stolen or broken into.

    From that point until I left the dorm to search for other housing options Im pleased to mention that I hadnt turn into a victim of theft whatsoever. Later on I revealed my experience with my sibling who was going to start going to college in a year.

    I purchased her a hair brush hidden safe that she can use as soon as she started school. She need not worry about how to make a diversion safe protected mainly because its disguise wouldnt encourage any person to look there for money.

  • Pointers On How To Prevent Burglars From Guessing Your Hiding Area

    It is really sad that some people earn a living by benefiting from other peoples belongings. Burglars spare no person and the things that you have worked so hard to own could be gone in a blink of an eye.

    Diversion safes can provide every regular guy with an ingenious hiding place. Hollow books for instance are real books which could conceal your valuable items to safeguard them from the scrutinizing eyes of even the most experienced thief.

    Not like conventional safes these kinds of secret hiding safes are readily available. Because they look like normal books they arent easy targets when a robber tries to guess where your money and also jewelry might be hidden.

    You can put a book safe on a table or in a shelf like within a book collection and an intruder would probably just pass it by without throwing it a second glance. The fact that it is an actual book with real pages only enhances its effective disguise.

    This hiding safe is cut out at the center and embedded with a container in order that it can enclose your valuable items securely. With no bulge and awkward additions to give its true nature away you can be assured that being a hiding space would be the last thing that a housebreaker would think of it.

    A lot of robbers choose to steal stuff that they could cart away easily. They have limited time so they usually turn over the most obvious hiding places. Putting your concealed safe in plain sight will only make it less suspicious.

    When it is combined with other books it would be nearly impossible to tell that one book truly works as a hidden safe where money small devices and other expensive things are stashed away. A raider normally thinks that owners would never put their cash or jewelry in easily accessible areas.

    You can never be too careful when putting away your valuable items. Hollow books may appear simple enough however it is their simplicity that is their greatest strength.

  • How To Conceal Belongings Where Burglars Wont Take The Time Searching

    A lot of people said that I was too trusting and that this trait would work versus me eventually. I do think that moment arrived when my roommates cousin had several sleepovers and also my things started out disappearing.

    I never imagined that I will feel the need to utilize secret hiding compartments. I never had a problem with my roommate whom I look at as my closest friend. However her cousin was yet another story.

    There was a time I forgot to carry my mobile phone along with me. When I left the room for my early morning class the cousin was around and also becoming prepared to leave. I returned for my mobile phone immediately after my class but it wasnt where I had left it.

    Some other occurrences took place and I could not dismiss them any longer. To prevent creating bad blood between my roommate and also me my option then was to conceal my valuables in diversion safes.

    Even though these goods work as security safes their appearance belies their true nature. I really thought that I hit jackpot with one of these covert hiding safes simply because their normal appearances would never tell a burglar that theyre hiding my belongings.

    Being a typical soda drinker I utilized a 7UP soda can safe to hide important jewelry. The cousin was used to seeing soda cans littering my study table therefore I felt certain that she would not look into another harmless-looking can for loot.

    I discovered a book safe that fuses effectively throughout my book collection. Moreover I utilize one that is like a peanut butter jar to keep my monthly allowance that my parents work very difficult to give me. My Pringles can safe consists of essential bits and pieces that will be of value to an unscrupulous individual.

    These kinds of secret hiding compartments have saved not just my possessions but also my relationship with my closest friend. I never imagined that hiding my things in the open would keep them from being stolen however thats how it is.

  • How I Protect Myself From Being Robbed

    Robbery can happen anytime anywhere. Whether you are in the house or riding the bus or strolling down the street youre not safe. And it scares me to death! It is a good thing that I have a soup can safe for deterring thieves.

    Its a type of diversion safes which are small hiding places which resemble regular things at home. They blend in flawlessly. The exterior appears like a genuine household item but it has massive room within where you can place all your own valuable items. They work perfectly to trick burglars and also robbers.

    I got myself several of the can safes to put around my house. I also bought a fruit cocktail can safe where I put my food money and place it safely and securely on my kitchen counter. Now I have quick access to cash for instant dinner and nobody knows about it but me.

    I likewise got a wall socket safe and placed it near the door of my bedroom. This is where I put my jewelries and keys so I wouldnt forget them every time I go out. These covert safes conceal my valuable items so that I could leave my house with peace of mind.

    Despite that however I was still fearful about being robbed while outside. Yeah thats exactly how hysterical I am! So I also bought a book safe where I put all my money and cards. The book together with everything I keep within it is safely hidden within my bag.

    Honestly I am very amazed with these types of diversion safes. They automatically wiped out my worries. I can now leave my house peacefully whenever and walk around town even late at night without concerns of being mugged.

    These types of secret safes have brought back my peace of mind. The fact that they blend in naturally around my home and within my handbag is really an excellent way to conceal my things.

    Secret can safes are so great as well as affordable as well. I may buy more of the soup can safe to offer as presents to my pals!

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