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  • Ideas On Safeguarding Yourself Against Bears

    Jeff was lucky he was not all alone on the Bear Canyon Trail during that frosty Saturday morning in the San Gabriel Mountains. If he was he would become lifeless now.

    I had stopped to take photos on the trail and allow Jeff walk ahead. All of a sudden a black bear attacked him. I ran toward Jeff but he was presently spraying his own defense spray at the animal. It didnt work. I whipped my personal bear defense spray out of my own backpack and sprayed the animals face. It turned and ran. I looked at Jeffs spray. It said wasp as well as hornet killer. Jeff realized a very important lesson that particular day. Wasp spray self defense does not work towards bears.

    Bear pepper spray enables you to avoid having to fight back at a bear. This provides you enough time to get away and the bear recuperates eventually without permanent harm.

    But never use self defense spray for bears on humans. Defense spray for humans should never be used on bears either.

    Park rangers shared with Jeff afterwards that wasp spray similar to some other insecticides was composed of pyrethrins that attacked a bugs nervous system. What hazardous effect pyrethrins may have on human beings and bears nobody knows for certain.

    I utilized a Guard Alaska ultra hot bear repellent versus that bear. I obtained it on the Internet. This is the only bear spray accepted by the EPA for all types of bears. This had a range of 15 to 20 feet and is one of the most powerful most effective bear sprays available on the market. The Alaska Science and Technology Foundation recommends this as well. And this doesnt include any flammable or ozone-depleting material.

    Jeff bought a canister of Mace bear repellent spray on the Internet afterward. It is a fogger that covers a bear in fog rather than spraying a steady stream at it.

    The the very next time we went hiking Jeff wisely left his wasp and hornet killer in the house and packed bear spray instead. I still cant believe he actually thought hed take that bear down utilizing wasp spray self defense. I cant stop kidding him over it.

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