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  • Effective Way Of Keeping You And Your Family Secure Whenever Camping

    Outdoor camping has long been our main type of recreation and also family activity. But as you know camping is not at all times safe. We must depend on our hands alone for safety and so we constantly brought our wasp spray for self defense. We had no idea how completely wrong we were until a ranger set us straight.

    We had been using wasp spray not only to fend off bugs but also to keep safe from wildlife as well as snatchers and robbers we would encounter while traveling. The ranger was surprised to hear this and relieved that we didnt harm ourselves.

    He mentioned that wasp spray has an element yet to be tested on humans. While it proves to be toxic to insects by going through their central nervous system and killing them its dangerous effects on humans and wildlife can probably be much more damaging or a lot less effective than predicted.

    The ranger reminded us that wasp sprays are not developed to be utilized directly on humans or bears and should not be relied upon as a type of non-lethal self-defense. We realized then how close we were to harming ourselves as well as the wild animals.

    He recommended that we make use of bear sprays and pepper sprays instead. They are defense sprays specifically developed to fend off bears as well as offending people respectively.

    Bear sprays are to be used only in fending off bears and not on humans either. These are extremely recommended than other personal defense devices because they lower the chances of permanent damage and loss of life among people as well as bears as well.

    For our subsequent camping getaway we bought a Guard Alaska ultra hot bear repellent that works on all bear species. It does not contain combustible elements or even dangerous substances that may harm the ozone layer. We specifically got the 260-gram can that has a range of 15 to 20 feet.

    We are so delighted we encountered that ranger. Although we still carry it we no longer use our wasp spray for self defense. Today its just for the purpose of fending off insects.

  • Tips Regarding How To Safeguard Your Family From Bears When Camping Out In The Wilds

    It is almost camping time within Colorado and my kids are looking forward to experiencing and enjoying the outdoors. As much as I want to share their exhilaration I couldnt help but be concerned about our security towards the dangers of the forest specially the bears which might appear all of a sudden.

    I discussed this dilemma with a good friend that enjoys camping regularly. He informed me that owning a bear repellent spray in my arsenal might help. With nothing to lose I took his advice and started browsing the internet for one.

    Bear pepper sprays are self-defense tools designed entirely to ward off as well as incapacitate bears for a short period of time. When the bear gets a dose of the mist this will offer a small window of opportunity for the users to flee and call for help.

    Considering that all defense sprays are non-lethal the bears will neither pass away nor undergo irreversible injury making them able to come back to their own group. Moreover research has shown that utilizing bear sprays against these mammals will condition them to become cautious from human beings.

    I came across and eventually bought a Guard Alaska ultra hot bear repellent that is an EPA-approved bear spray confirmed to be effective against all types of bears. Its also environmentally safe since it doesnt include any kind of flammable or harmful substances.

    The mist which it releases can easily reach from 15 to 20 feet away keeping the users inside a secure range from the beast. The size of the cylinder is quite small and it can be fastened along the straps of the backpack or through a belt loop by its holster.

    I have come to realize that bear pepper spray is indeed a helpful device for the people who wish to explore the great outdoors.

    Having a bear repellent spray within your camping gear is definitely an advantage. But also it is essential to remember that a persons capability to think clearly throughout a distressing situation is the greatest tool to acquire.

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